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american apparel clothes are so bland and ugly


avengers road trip auΒ 

Seriously? You’re going to pretend everyone doesn’t see the yearning looks and doey eyes?Β I don’t yearn.


Put it this way.. the longer we have to wait for the bofa trailer the longer we can deny everything that’s going to happen in the movie (β—•β€Ώβ—•βœΏ)


The Asgardians will suffer as we have suffered. I will reclaim the Aether. I will restore our world. And I will put an end to this poisoned universe.

67/∞ Pictures of Scarlett Johansson
67/∞ Pictures of Scarlett Johansson


English Cream DachshundΒ 


Tom and Chris moments in Thor: The Dark World gag reel β†’ Campy Chris

And Nat Portman looking reeeally, really awkward in the background.


Pictures of cute animals hugging :D The first image is the famous Roscoe and orangutan Suryia. If you don’t know their story you should watch a video about them HERE

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the super handshake of the super soldiers (β—‘β€Ώβ—‘βœΏ)

the super handshake of the super soldiers (β—‘β€Ώβ—‘βœΏ)





Jessica Williams speaks with Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs about Army regulation AR 670-1

Jessica Williams and Travon (one of the staff writers) do it again!

God I hate my country

That’s messed the fuck up


Captain Swan + my favorite scenes transitions / camera focuses

Love this

The US Government: We're not going to make it federally mandatory for people to get paid a wage they can actually live off of
The US Government: If people want to make a living, they'll just have to work 16+ hours a day
The US Government: And if their kids end up disenfranchised because of a lack of parental involvement, well that's not our problem
The US Government: In fact, what is our problem is creating a system that will funnel these disenfranchised youth into our prison system so they can work for corporations (that promise us money) for damn near free
The US Government: If they don't want to fall victim to this system, then they can seek higher education
The US Government: Except such an education will be inaccessible to most disenfranchised people and skewed in favor of the financially stable and white people
The US Government: And we're not going to make intervention programs like sex education and conflict resolution federally mandatory, because that's the parent's job
The US Government: The parent who is working 16 hours a day